• Design of projects

    Designing a project is the first step to make real optimal sports installations, through the efficient use of means and resources, this require a concrete, organized and versatile strategy, adapting it to the outmost benefits for our clients.

    Policancha counts with every resource related to planning, building and consulting of detailed projects of engineering. We also provide a full architectural support with structures, installation and development of special projects, construction and setting in place. All of this with the most qualified staff for an assertive, professional and confident response to meet with our client needs.

    Renting equipments

    Renting is a great solution since costs are reduced. Our products can be used for sports events, corporative events or any other occasion when needed, making them an immediate resource to make possible your project.

    Amongst our options available, you may find:

    Modular stands in aluminum (with/out cushions), Movable platforms, movable basket backboard supports (basketball), artificial grass and football goal structures.

    According to your request, our team of experts will offer you the best options for your needs.

    Maintenance of Installations

    The maintenance of sport installations is a key issue since the interaction of the athlete with its environment will have an impact in his development.

    In Policancha we specialize in meeting the optimal requirements to make athletes increase their capacity to reach their goals. This is possible through our specialized, ordinary, preventive or corrective maintenance of any essential element of structure or appearance of any sports installation. By doing so, we ensure a longer life span of any structure.

    We offer all kinds of maintenance and service of sportive and recreational installations, either indoors or outdoors. Our options include: artificial grass, synthetic surfaces for parks and gymnasiums, wooden floors for courts, athletic courts, stands, tribunes and general sport-related maintenance.


    Our experience has given us the necessary keys to offer our clients and strategic allies the best advice available for the construction, production investment and administration of recreative and sports spaces. We also offer the variety of equipments and products that will allow our clients to obtain the maximum economical or social benefit.