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    Creative and children parks should be friendly, appealing, safe and clean. With Porplastic surfaces of Policancha, you get all this benefits and more. Thess surfaces prevent accidents and protect children against lesions. In terms of colour and design there are no limits for the creativity and needs of our clients.

    • Hygienic and easy to clean
    • Resistant to wheather changes
    • Appealing and innovative appearance
    • Great combination of playground and safety
    • Safer due to the absortion system of the synthetic material.
    • Uniformly installed, avoiding uneven surfaces, gaps or leaking areas
    • Adaptable to any ground (even, uneven, with pendant) and condition of use (indoors, outdoors)
    • Additional structures (slides, swings, seesaws, chairs, etc) are easy to place without perforations to the ground.