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  • Aluminum Extruded Chair

    The aluminum extended chair is one of the most popular products of Policancha. Made of 100% aluminum, using molds preconceived, are literally eternals and only colour might be truly worn out. That is why Policancha offers lifetime warranty on these chairs. These models are the most advisable for intense outdoor use. Extruding is the most efficient method for using the aluminum and for transforming it.


    Anatomic chair and back support assembled with structural joints of 6cms. To be installed in the mark. Can be painted, anodized or upholstered in a wide selection of colours. Fixed or pliable seat. Optional: arm rest and drink holder

    • Height: 67 cms
    • Width: 45 to 60 cms
    • Depth: 43 cms
    • Weight: 6.5 kgs