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  • Chairs of Inyected Aluminum

    These chairs are made in A-310 aluminum injected in liquid, at temperatures over 740°F. Molds used are created and registered as trademark by Policancha. It is a group of 4 models of chairs that compose the “Taurean Series”: Concha, Sillin, Palco and Reyna. This series was developed in 2001 for the bull-fighting arena in San Cristobal, Venezuela. Thanks to the highest quality controls during its production, Policancha offers a lifetime warranty on these chairs.

    • 100% Aluminum
    • Anatomically conceived and approved for total ergonomy
    • According to the model, can be fixed in the mark or the counter mark of the grade
    • Optional arm rest and drink holder
    • Finishing painted in a wide selection of colours.


    Su fabricación se realiza en moldes preconcebidos en donde se inyecta aluminio en estado líquido a temperaturas superiores a 740 f. Estas sillas son vaciadas en una ó dos piezas unidas por parales de aluminio extruido de 6 cm.

    • Back plate and seat plate are ergonomics.
    • Optional arm rest
    • Water drains thanks to the design.
    • Can be installed in the mark or counter-mark of the grade
    • Finishing painted in a wide variety of colours.