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  • Acrilyc Surfaces

    Nova Sports U.S.A Produces acrylic covering systems highly performant with the top technology.

    • These acrylic surfaces are conceived to be used on asphalt or concrete, either indoors or outdoors
    • Customized to the sport specialty
    • Tennis: Novacushion and Ultra Cushion systems
    • Multiple courts: Novaplay and Novaplay II systems
    • Application varies according to the product.


    Policancha produces tennis courts since its creation. Nowadays we represent a leading company in the American market with an acrylic surface for outdoors sports: Novacrylic Sport Surface. This one is approved by all the international associations of Tennis (U.S Tennis Court and Track Builders Association, International Tennis Foundation y Tennis Foundation, y Tennis Industry Association)


    • Novacushion System: Recommended for Tennis courts. Minimal amount of layers: 4. More layers allow more resistance to bouncing and diminishes the impact between tennis shoes and surface.
    • Ultracushion system: Recommended for indoors as well as outdoors. More comfortable due to its softness and density. This density is due to the thickness of every layer –thicker than Novacushion- when using Novacushion as primer for the surface.
    • Novaplay system: Recommended for all recreational area. Similar in appearance to a tennis court, differing only in the fact that it gets a thicker layer, making it more resistant to metal studs of shoes, roller blades, skates and much more.
    • Novatrack system: A very good option of low cost for athletic courts. It is a polymer pigmented, 100% acrylic, filled with EPDM rubber. Special for using on asphalt or pre-existent courts. If used in asphalt, this must have been installed at least 30 days before using Novatrack. Ideal for renewing old surfaces or for new constructions.