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  • Elastic Surfaces

    Elastic surfaces PULASTIC are made by the Dutch company Descol Sports Surfaces, a worldwide leading enterprise in fabrication and installation of synthetic surfaces for indoor use. Pulastic floors are multifunctional, resistant, durable, decorative, safe, comfortable and allow a high performance of athletes.


    Pulastic is a flooring system designed by the Dutch company Descol, a leader in polyurethane flooring, installed in over 18,000,000 of square metres, in more than 30,000 instalations al over the world. This system is more than a merely decorative sport floor. Pulastic is a product that adapts easily to a wide range of preferences and requirements of the client. Policancha ensures that this flooring system is adecuated for every sport and every athlete. The product quality is acknowledge worldwide and Pulastic is synonym of top quality, long life, maximum performance, minimal risk for athletes and multifunctionality, making it the perfect frame for sport activities. Purplastic floors serve equally for exhibitions, concerts and other events. Advantages of Purplastic Systems

    • Developed and made according to a high standard of quality and installed by experts in the area, Purplastic flooring system offers a wide range of advantages: Very durable surface
    • Optimal capacity for sound absorbing.
    • Wide variety of colours and designs that last for longer.
    • Easy to maintain (daily, periodically and in long term)
    • ISO 9001 quality and ISO14001 for environmental safety.
    • Installed without joints
    • Optimal balance between friction and gliding.
    • Consistant bouncing characteristic.
    • No light reflection
    • Multifunctional
    • Resistant to static discharges, impacts and great use.