• About Policancha

    Policancha was established in 1979, looking for innovation in the sports facilities with aluminum and iron as our working materials. Nowadays, Policancha is a leading enterprise in Latin America in construction and maintenance of sports installations.

    We fabricate our stands, benches, chairs and sports accessories, fully casted out in aluminum. We build and maintain courtyards and athletic courts with the most advanced materials and technology, meeting the demands of the highest requests worldwide.

    We provide the national and international market with exclusive products and services, which ranks us as the best option in Venezuela, the Caribbean and Latin America in construction and maintenance of sports installations.

    Presence worldwide

    Policancha has created and made possible sports projects in America and the Caribbean in such important events as Copa América Venezuela, PanAmerican Sportive Games Santo Domingo; World Cup of Athletism (Trinidad and Tobago); World Cup Sub 20, Barranquilla Carnivals, Central American and Caribbean Games in Cartagena and The Word Games 2013 Cali (Colombia), Copa Libertadores (Peru), Viña del Mar Festival, Quinta Vergara Complex and National Stadium Santiago de Chile (Chile), State University of New York USA, Independence Park Stadium and GC Foster College Jamaica.

    Sponsored Brands

    Policancha represents the most well known brands worldwide, leaders in their area and with more than proven experience, with certifications that prove their quality.